Terms & Conditions
Every customer of Beautiful Unisex Salon ('the Co.') is bound by and must observe the terms and conditions of the Co.
The Co. will accept bookings starting from 10:00am everyday, the Co. apologies if the telephone line is fully engaged should
such inconvenience caused.
In the event that booking is full, our Co.will put the customer on waiting list, should any cancellation comes up, we will inform
you at once.
Cancellation of booking must be made at least 3 hours in advance, failing which will be counted as one time treatment which
will be chargeable nonetheless.
Customers are requested not to give any tips to our staff in order to protect the benefit and interest of all Customers.
Customers are required to pay HK$50.00 for replacement of any lost of locker key.
Our Company will try our best to appoint the Beautician at your choice, but this cannot be guarantee, your understanding is appreciated.
Any agreement made between Customers and Beautician ( or any staff ) must be made in writing, oral/private agreement between
individual Customer and our staff will not be liable by our Company.
It is not compulsory for Customer to purchase any Course / Treatment, customers should consider their own needs and make their own
discretion accordingly. Any complaint please address to Administration Department Tel. 2559 2200
Customer who bought any Course / Treatment is valid for two years from the date of purchase.
Our Company will not responsible for any loss of the Customer's belongings, please ensure your valuables in safe custody.
Before leaving our Company, Customers are requested to counter check their remaining balance of treatment, we have our right
not to make any alteration thereafter.
Our Company will not be accountable for the interest charged by any Credit Card Company in the event that Customers using credit
card for instalments on Course or Treatment expenses.
Customers should always ensure that a valid receipt is obtained, we will not responsible if no valid receipt is produced for follow up action.
Towel charge at HK$5.00 each, paper pant, shower cap and napkin are free of charge at present, we reserve our right to charge in the
future and we will notify customer through "news corner" in our display board.
Customer should aware if they are suffering from high blood pressure or heart attack disease when using our treatments,
we will not responsible in any event.
Course or Treatment once paid and issue receipt are strictly non-refundable, but can be redeemed for any product, customer are
requested to fully understand before making any commitment.
  18. Goods sold can be exchanged within 7 days, no defected item is entertained.
Our Company have the immediate right to terminate any customer if:
1.... the customer who acts in breach of our terms & conditions herein;
2. whose conduct / behavior in our Company is prejudicial against us or other customer;
3. commit the crime of stealing, we will call the police for further investigation.
In order to protect the Customers' interest, our Company has the right to check all customers' belongings when they leave our Company.
Our Company has the absolute discretion to change, amend, revoke or add any rules without prior notice to any customers.
B.U.S. has the final authority in the interpretation and settlement of all these rules.
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