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Beautiful Unisex Salon (a wholly owned subsidiary Company of Beautiful Asia Ltd) was founded in 1992 in Hong Kong, the Company has since evolved and established a new record of Beauty Industry in Central, with over 1,000 unisex customers who regular visited and enjoyed our wide range of selection including Facial Treatments, Body Massage, Slimming Programs even Party Makeup to Manicure services. Till now, we become a highly constant growth successful beauty salon, which answered numerous requests and delivered million packages.

Customer care

We are committed to an environment of respect - where each customer's visit is valued and every employee's contribution is vital . Beyond the work force, our experience professional expert team has always stood for high quality, tender care and convenience to their customers nationwide.

Our Products

We made our landmark decision in 2002 to be the sole agent of Anne Claire - a France Beauty Skincare Product line operated in Hong Kong, the Company also features exclusive products from the world's most respected and popular brands in UK, USA and Europe through the years. In addition, we ensure our decision-making stay close to the core customer and that our focus will reflect the local tastes and preferences.

Our Career Fulfillment

A Company's culture, spirit, attitudes and responsibilities are their guiding values.

We are The Total Package. When you look inside, you'll see people - us, feel our strength, our energy; and hopefully be pleasantly surprised to see the endless opportunities we have "to learn, to grow, to create and of course the successful creation of a "Beautiful SMILE ".

A unique mix of development and people.

We're Making

We thrive on the unexpected, we take problems as challenges.

Do our best work under pressure, and believe a successful story is not the way we look, but the way we look at work.

We encourage our employees to remain tactful, flexible and open-minded, valuing others for who they are. Our philosophy is intended to ensure that appreciation for the unique characteristics and strengths of every person is pervasive at all level of the Company. This encourages creative thinking and innovation, which are at the heart of our success.

" We believe together, there's nothing we can't accomplish."

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